Now available on SpartaPayIQ, you can receive Live Payments on your website!

This is possible through a live widget that places a crypto pay button directly onto your website. Firstly, you set up the payment details and information in your SpartaPayIQ account. From there, you can add the payment button on your website as there are three ways to complete a purchase transaction. For a transaction, you can complete it through either a QR code, Bitcoin Wallet, or sending Bitcoin to a specific address that links to your SpartaPayIQ account.

Secure Your Bottom Line with SpartaPayIQ’s Live Pay Feature

With Bitcoin, users can pay at a current price that is visible when they use the application. A major benefit of Live Pay is that the price shown is guaranteed for a set amount of time. This means that it is a fixed price for the customer instead of the price constantly fluctuating. This saves customers from the risk of price volatility. All parties will be aware of how much they are receiving in a transaction. It is also important that your business can take advantage of what SpartaPayIQ’s Live Pay feature has to offer while your pricing and deals remain as the bottom line.

Jump Into the Crypto Age with SpartaPayIQ’s Pay Now Widget

As for the Pay Now Widget, it contains a simple and quick process to set up for your website. After your SpartaPayIQ account is verified, you will receive immediate access to the Pay Now Widget in the Settings menu. Furthermore, you will provide all the required details of your account. Once you place the details, your business can begin to receive Bitcoin payments easily and safely from your customers! If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with us at for additional information about your concerns. Join us today on for your chance to become a cornerstone in the new crypto age and help your business reach into its full potential with sales!