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Accept Live Crypto Payments on your Website!

Add Crypto Pay Buttons to Your WooCommerce Site
with the SpartaPayIQ™ Live Pay WordPress Widget

Increase your payment options with the SpartaPayIQ™ Live Pay WordPress Widget. Easily add Crypto Pay Buttons to your WooCommerce Site. Get started with the SpartaPayIQ™ Live Pay WordPress Widget today!

How It Works

Once you set up your details in your account, you can add the button to your website. Users pay using Bitcoin at the current price shown on the application that opens up. The price is guaranteed for a set amount of time.

There are 3 ways to complete the transaction:

  • QR Code
  • Through Bitcoin Wallet
  • Send Bitcoin to the specified address that you set up

Setting Up The Pay Now Widget

Setting up the Pay Now Widget is simple and quick. Once your account is verified, you will have access to the Pay Now Widget in Settings.

There you will be able to set up your widget with all the required details to start receiving Bitcoin and Crypto payments easily and securely.

Live Pay

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