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When you become a seller on SpartaCrypto, you can now reach out to the untapped potential market of crypto buyers! By listing your inventory on sale, you will be attracting the crypto buyers into one place as SpartaCrypto provides services unlike many other businesses. Currently, cryptocurrency is not usable in a lot of retail or e-commerce marketplaces. For the few that do allow cryptocurrency, it opens up concerning risks for a seller. These risks include tax accounting complications, market volatility, and additional regulations. On top of this, processing crypto payments was a hassle as additional costs of payment infrastructure were required.

Sellers Rejoice: Familiarity with Crypto and Regulation Risks Not Required when Selling on SpartaCrypto

On the bright side, sellers do not even need familiarity about crypto and its regulation risks before they begin selling products on SpartaCrypto. For sellers, they do not experience the volatility risk because a buyer’s cryptocurrency converts into USD immediately after the purchase. This is in large part thanks to our third-party escrow. It holds the price of a product until a buyer and seller make an obligation over the purchase. As for regulation risks, SpartaCrypto ensures that sellers will not have to worry about accepting funds from unknown buyers!

Secure Your Transactions Today with SpartaCrypto: Seller Benefits and 1% Transactional Fees on Purchases!

We will handle your security. SpartaCrypto runs screening and watchlist checks on all buyers who purchase from our website before we confirm a transaction. With safe security and a potential market to tap into, you have the opportunity to register as a seller today! Please feel free to take advantage of this new revolution in e-commerce while users of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are seeing their investments skyrocket. With our lucrative offerings, sellers only have to pay a small 1% transactional fee on the cost of their items after a buyer purchases them! If you are curious, check out our Seller Benefits page, or reach out to us at support@spartacrypto.com for more information.