Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2023-01-17T13:14:25-05:00

SpartaCrypto’s Top Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. They are organized into categories to help you better find the answers you are looking for. Simply hit the plus sign at the end of the question and the answer will open up for you.

Which types of cryptocurrency are accepted?2023-02-01T15:06:17-05:00

At you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, or Tether to purchase the luxury goods of your dreams.

What are the steps involved in processing a cryptocurrency payment?2023-02-01T17:05:38-05:00

1. Create an account on SpartaCrypto and fund your account with the cryptocurrency of your choice.

2. Select the product you want to purchase, your choice of paying a deposit or paying in full, and select Add to Cart.

3. Go to Checkout. Confirm the payment details and click the “Place order” button.

4. Your payment will be processed, and the recipient will receive the funds.

5. You will receive a confirmation email with a transaction ID.

How is My Order Secured?2023-02-01T17:05:31-05:00

SpartaCrypto uses reliable and secure methods to safeguard your transaction. Your payment is held by a secure third party until the item you purchased is delivered. Once confirmation of delivery is provided, SpartaCrypto releases funds to the seller. This allows buyers and sellers to complete the sale with confidence and low transactional risk.

How to Register as a Seller2023-02-01T17:05:17-05:00

Gain access to an untapped market of users with cryptocurrency. New vendors can register here.

Sellers don’t have to be familiar with cryptocurrency or it’s regulations or infrastructure in order to sell to the growing market of cryptocurrency users. There is no risk to the seller of market volatility because SpartaCrypto is immediately converting the cryptocurrency in to USD.

What Fees Do Sellers Have To Pay?2023-02-01T17:05:18-05:00

SpartaCrypto only charges a 1% transaction fee on the cost of the item for sellers at the time of checkout! The transaction fee is not included in the listing price and is shown for sellers after a buyer has purchased their product.

How will you handle cryptocurrency payments?2023-02-01T17:05:07-05:00

SpartaCrpyto uses an Escrow. Escrow is a 3rd party that which holds funds before they are transferred from one party to another. The third-party holds the funds until both parties complete their obligations.

How will I know when my cryptocurrency payment has been received and processed?2023-02-01T17:05:07-05:00

Once your cryptocurrency payment has been received and processed, you will receive a confirmation email from SpartaCrypto. The email will include the details of your payment and the status of your order.

How long does it take for the transaction to be confirmed?2023-02-01T17:04:42-05:00

It depends on the cryptocurrency you are using and the amount of network traffic at the time. Generally, transactions usually take a few minutes to be confirmed but can sometimes take up to a few hours.

What are My Shipping Options?2023-02-01T17:04:18-05:00

At Sparta Crypto we have a large selection of shipping partners that can help facilitate shipping your order anywhere in the world. They can be found here. We can also handle the shipping of your luxury purchase for you through our concierge service which you can learn more about here.

What is the expected delivery time for my purchase?2023-02-01T17:04:18-05:00

Please check the seller’s shipping policy or contact them directly for more information.

Is there a way to track my purchase?2023-02-01T17:04:15-05:00

Different shipping partners may have tracking services associated with their service.

What if the item is not delivered?2023-02-02T09:17:14-05:00

SpartaCrypto will provide a refund if the item is not delivered. All refunds will be issued in USD.

What Fees Does SpartaCrypto charge?2023-02-01T17:03:53-05:00

SpartaCrypto charges a 1.5% transaction fee on the cost of the item to be paid by the buyer at time of checkout. The transaction fee is not included in the listing price and is shown during the checkout process.

Are Prices Guaranteed on SpartaCrypto?2023-02-02T09:16:44-05:00

Yes, there is no risk of market volatility for buyers and sellers on SpartaCrypto! For sellers, they do not run into this risk due to SpartaCrypto immediately converting the buyer’s cryptocurrency into USD. For buyers, they are also safe from market volatility thanks to our escrow that holds the pricing of a product until an obligation is made between the buyer and the seller.

Is the cryptocurrency exchange rate fixed when I buy?2023-02-01T17:03:23-05:00

Yes, the exchange rate is fixed at the time of purchase. SpartaCrypto will hold the exchange rate for 15 minutes during the purchase window.

Are any special steps required to ensure the security of my cryptocurrency payments?2023-02-01T17:02:55-05:00

Yes, SpartaCrypto requires users to take additional steps to ensure the security of their cryptocurrency payments. These include setting up two-factor authentication, using strong passwords, and enabling encryption on wallets and transactions. Additionally, SpartaCrypto recommends that users monitor their accounts regularly and report any suspicious activity.

How do we ensure the authenticity of the luxury goods listed on our exchange?2023-02-01T17:02:50-05:00

Only verified business are allowed to list their inventory on We require sellers to provide proof of authentication for the luxury goods they are selling. We always recommend checking with seller before purchasing the item to ensure it is still in stock.

Who Can Sell on SpartaCrypto?2023-02-01T17:01:22-05:00

Only verified sellers are allowed to list their inventory on SpartaCrypto.

Who Can Buy on SpartaCrypto?2023-02-01T17:01:15-05:00

Sellers don’t have to worry that they are accepting funds from unknown buyers as SpartaCrypto is running screening and watch-list checks on all buyers before transaction take place.

How do I know my personal information is secure?2023-02-01T17:01:00-05:00

At SpartaCrypto, we take the security of your personal information very seriously. We use the latest encryption technology to ensure all of your data is securely stored and maintained, and we will never share personal information with third parties.

How do I know my transaction is secure?2023-02-01T16:59:12-05:00

SpartaCrypto uses reliable and secure methods to safeguard your transaction. Your payment is held by a secure third party until the item you purchased is delivered. Once confirmation of delivery is provided, SpartaCrypto releases funds to the seller. This allows buyers and sellers to complete the sale with confidence and low transactional risk.

Should I Arrange a Payment Outside of SpartaCrypto?2023-02-01T16:58:40-05:00

Do not arrange it. When you make your payment using our secure 3rd party escrow system, your payment is safe and protected until the seller delivers the item. If you make alternate payment arrangements, SpartaCrypto won’t be able to help you.

Why should I use SpartaPayIQ™?2023-02-01T16:58:31-05:00

The SpartaPayIQ™ account is free. Businesses that use SPARTAPAYIQ enjoy a quick, easy, and cost-effective way for their customers to make payments in cryptocurrency while they receive cash in USD or any currency of their choosing without the risk of exchange rate volatility exposure. SPARTAPAYIQ enables businesses to reach new markets instantly and eliminates the risk of fraud with no chargebacks or ID theft. Merchants enjoy 0% transaction fees and can receive payments instantly.

How do I sign up for a SpartaPayIQ account?2023-02-01T16:58:18-05:00

You can register for a SpartaPayIQ™ account by clicking ‘online payments’ under the ‘services’ tab in navigation menu at the top of this website and following the sign up link instructions.

Is there a charge to register a SpartaPayIQ account?2023-02-01T16:57:46-05:00

SpartaPayIQ™ is 100% free to join and you will not be charged any fee to register an account with us.

What is the process for creating a SpartaPayIQ account?2023-02-01T16:57:37-05:00

The process is simple and quick. Register by entering your details in our sign up link located in the ‘online payments’ section. Once your account is created, you will have access to the SpartaPayIQ dashboard. You will then need to verify your account (located at the top of the dashboard) by filling out a form and uploading your ID and documents to the system. Once we have received the required documents and verified your account, you will receive a verification email. You will then have access to all of the tools to set-up your banking in order to start invoicing and enabling customers to make payments in crypto.

What is required to verify SpartaPayIQ™ account?2023-02-01T16:57:24-05:00

A piece of photo ID such as a drivers license, passport or government issued ID is required. You will have to upload your Corporation documents if you are a business, or provide a POA (Proof of address such as a utility or phone bill with your name and address on it) if you are registering as an individual or sole proprietorship. You can have a look at what is needed to verify your account here.

Why does my account need to be verified?2023-02-01T16:56:42-05:00

We adhere to the highest standards of regulated compliance and client protection. To prevent identity theft or fraud, you’ll need to submit photo ID and required documents for compliance to make sure it’s really you.

How do I enable SpartaPayIQ™ on my website?2023-02-01T16:56:31-05:00

You can check our integration guide here. In case you have any additional questions regarding the integration process you can address them with our support team via

How do I add a crypto payment button to my website?2023-02-01T16:56:31-05:00

Once your account is verified you will have access to the SpartaPayIQ™ Live Widget. This widget can be used as payment button on your website. You may require some integration, so please contact if you require technical support. Our support is free and we’re here to help.

How fast are payments to a merchant received from a customer?2023-02-01T16:55:54-05:00

Leveraging our frictionless, blockchain-based payment processing technology, the cryptocurrency payment is received and converted to the requested currency and finally deposited into your merchant account. The transaction speed depends on the blockchain and network speeds, but can be instantaneous.

Are there any merchant fees involved when using SpartaPayIQ™?2023-02-01T16:54:26-05:00

There are 0% fees for merchants who use SpartaPayIQ™ for transactions.

How can I send an invoice to my customer?2023-02-01T16:54:16-05:00

You will be able to send an invoice via email to your customer once your account is verified. This can be done directly through your dashboard where you set up invoices and payments.

How can I contact SpartaPayIQ™ support?2023-02-01T16:53:45-05:00

In order to contact our support team, you can use the following address: or submit your question in the form below.

What is SpartaCrypto Concierge Service?2023-02-01T16:53:29-05:00

SpartaCrypto Concierge Service can arrange your shipping and inspection. We will work with you and the seller to create a seamless experience. Shipping and inspection costs not included.

How much does the SpartaCrypto Concierge Service Cost?2023-02-01T16:53:16-05:00

The SpartaCrypto Concierge Service has varying prices based on the products. For most Cars, Motorcycles and large purchases the Concierge Service is $250.

Are Shipping Costs Included in the Sale Price?2023-01-26T10:16:53-05:00

Not usually, you will need to contact the seller prior to purchase to determine if shipping is included. If it is not included you can use one of our shipping partners to arrange shipping.

Are Cryptocurrencies safe?2023-02-01T16:51:00-05:00

Every day cryptocurrency is getting more popular and more widely used. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and transparent and that is what makes the system work safely and securely. There are currently over 40 million cryptocurrency users in the world. Another reason why we should consider cryptocurrency safe is that wallet holder or buyer doesn’t need real information like credit card numbers.

What is Escrow?2023-02-01T16:50:53-05:00

Escrow is a 3rd party that which holds funds before they are transferred from one party to another. The third-party holds the funds until both parties complete their obligations.

Why is My Payment Held in Escrow?2023-02-01T16:50:13-05:00

Your funds are held by our secure 3rd party escrow partner in order to protect you and the seller. You can be confident that your payment is safe until the item is delivered and the seller can confirm that payment has been made before releasing the item.

What kind of wallet do you recommend for cryptocurrency payments?2023-02-01T15:24:15-05:00

We recommend using a hardware wallet, such as the Ledger Nano X or Trezor Model T, for cryptocurrency payments on SpartaCrypto. Hardware wallets provide the highest level of security and encryption and are the safest way to store and transact with cryptocurrencies.

Are there any geographic restrictions on purchasing goods online with cryptocurrency?2023-02-01T15:20:42-05:00

No, there are no geographic restrictions on purchasing goods online with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, meaning it is not bound by geographical boundaries. As long as the merchant or vendor accepts cryptocurrency, customers can purchase goods online with cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world.

Is Insurance Available for Vehicle Purchases?2023-02-01T15:42:57-05:00

At Sparta Crypto we want to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your new purchase. That even includes making sure it’s insured. You can choose from two of our insurance partners to get started with a quote on your purchase. You can find them here.

Can We Try Out a Product Before We Buy It?2023-02-01T13:57:01-05:00

If the item for sale is local to you (Cars, Motorcycles, E-bikes, etc.), we can allow you to negotiate with the seller about taking it for a test drive or doing your own inspection. If that is not possible, we recommend making sure you run a vehicle history report (Cyclechex, RVchex, etc.) on the item if it is not provided by the seller initially.


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