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SpartaCrypto Concierge Service

Let SpartaCrypto’s “White Glove” Concierge Service handle your purchase!

SpartaCrypto Concierge Service

We will work with you and the seller to create a seamless experience.

Are you across the country from where the item you purchased is? Or would you just like to have a white glove treatment with your luxury purchase? Let SpartaCrypto Concierge Service assist you with your transaction. From securing the transaction to arranging shipping we can handle all the small details so you can just enjoy your new purchase.

Not available on Vacations. Shipping, inspection and other costs not included.

Available on all products as an Add-On when you Add To Cart

On each and every product in our Crypto Marketplace is the option to add the SpartaCrypto Concierge Service. Simply check the box to add it to your purchase and our white glove service will kick in right away!

Our Concierge Team ensures that your purchase goes seamlessly from payment to shipping ready to answer all your questions.

You can relax with the confidence that your purchase is being handled by professionals.

SpartaCrypto Concierge Service

Frequently Asked Questions about Concierge Service

What is SpartaCrypto Concierge Service?2023-02-01T16:53:29-05:00

SpartaCrypto Concierge Service can arrange your shipping and inspection. We will work with you and the seller to create a seamless experience. Shipping and inspection costs not included.

How much does the SpartaCrypto Concierge Service Cost?2023-02-01T16:53:16-05:00

The SpartaCrypto Concierge Service has varying prices based on the products. For most Cars, Motorcycles and large purchases the Concierge Service is $250.

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