Online Payments: A Crypto Payment System That Is Simple, Secure, and Stress-Free

The time has finally come, now YOU can pay your ordinary purchases with cryptocurrency thanks to SpartaPayIQ! It has never been this easy before. With SpartaPayIQ, you have plenty of crypto online payment options such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tether, and Ethereum.

Our SpartaPayIQ Online Payments allow you to leverage our frictionless, blockchain-based payment processing technology. Your choice of cryptocurrency will instantaneously convert and deposit into your bank account. Thanks to this smooth processing technology, your business can receive crypto payments without volatility exposure risk from customers.

It is quick, easy, and cost-effective. With SpartaPayIQ available in your existing payment solutions, your business can reach new markets worldwide instantly! This is made possible by allowing your customers to have more choices in how they want to purchase your products.

Introducing SpartaPayIQ‘s Online Payments: Safe, Secure and Cost–Friendly Payment Processing

With this extra option to pay, SpartaPayIQ also ensures that they are safe and secure as we provide protection for them in the horrific chances of price volatility, chargebacks, fraud, and theft ID. Not only that, but we are capable of handling FIAT settlements for each and every purchase that your business receives from customers. That is right, as customers perform their quick transactions with crypto, your business will receive payment instantly in USD currency!

Another tremendous benefit with our Online Payments is that there are absolutely no hidden fees whatsoever. In fact, there are 0% transaction fees and no commission fees to merchants when they use SpartaPayIQ’s system! With this in mind, that makes SpartaPayIQ the most cost-friendly option to handle your online payment processing functions.

As cryptocurrency becomes more widely accepted in our current global economy, feel free to contact us at for any questions about our services. If you want the opportunity to join in on how mainstream crypto can help your business grow, sign up below as SpartaPayIQ provides the infrastructure for your next surge of online payments!