Seller Benefits

Access to untapped market of users with cryptocurrency

With SpartaCrypto sellers have the opportunity to get their inventory in front of this untapped market of crypto buyers by listing their inventory for sale on a site that is attracting those crypto buyers to one place.

Cryptocurrency currently can’t be used in many retail or e-commerce instances, and when it is the seller can be open to market volatility risks, tax accounting complications, additional regulations, and additional costs of payment infrastructure required to process cryptocurrency payments.

Access to untapped market of users with cryptocurrency
Vendors get funded in USDUSD Coin

Sellers get funded in USD

Sellers don’t have to be familiar with cryptocurrency or it’s regulations or infrastructure in order to sell to the growing market of cryptocurrency users.

There is no risk to the seller of market volatility because SpartaCrypto is immediately converting the cryptocurrency in to USD.

SpartaCrypto is handling the security

Sellers don’t have to worry that they are accepting funds from unknown buyers as SpartaCrypto is running screening and watch-list checks on all buyers before transaction take place.

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“33% of crypto currency is used to Purchase Goods!”