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Sell Your Products for Crypto Get Paid Instantly in USD!

Open up a new realm of customers with SpartaCrypto... become an Authorized Seller today!

Register by completing the Seller Registration form and a dedicated representative will contact you to get your products listed in the trusted crypto marketplace. Start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and grow your business with a growing community of crypto investors!

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How to Register as a Seller2023-02-01T17:05:17-05:00

Gain access to an untapped market of users with cryptocurrency. New vendors can register here.

Sellers don’t have to be familiar with cryptocurrency or it’s regulations or infrastructure in order to sell to the growing market of cryptocurrency users. There is no risk to the seller of market volatility because SpartaCrypto is immediately converting the cryptocurrency in to USD.

What Fees Do Sellers Have To Pay?2023-02-01T17:05:18-05:00

SpartaCrypto only charges a 1% transaction fee on the cost of the item for sellers at the time of checkout! The transaction fee is not included in the listing price and is shown for sellers after a buyer has purchased their product.

How will you handle cryptocurrency payments?2023-02-01T17:05:07-05:00

SpartaCrpyto uses an Escrow. Escrow is a 3rd party that which holds funds before they are transferred from one party to another. The third-party holds the funds until both parties complete their obligations.

How will I know when my cryptocurrency payment has been received and processed?2023-02-01T17:05:07-05:00

Once your cryptocurrency payment has been received and processed, you will receive a confirmation email from SpartaCrypto. The email will include the details of your payment and the status of your order.

Are Prices Guaranteed on SpartaCrypto?2023-02-02T09:16:44-05:00

Yes, there is no risk of market volatility for buyers and sellers on SpartaCrypto! For sellers, they do not run into this risk due to SpartaCrypto immediately converting the buyer’s cryptocurrency into USD. For buyers, they are also safe from market volatility thanks to our escrow that holds the pricing of a product until an obligation is made between the buyer and the seller.

Are any special steps required to ensure the security of my cryptocurrency payments?2023-02-01T17:02:55-05:00

Yes, SpartaCrypto requires users to take additional steps to ensure the security of their cryptocurrency payments. These include setting up two-factor authentication, using strong passwords, and enabling encryption on wallets and transactions. Additionally, SpartaCrypto recommends that users monitor their accounts regularly and report any suspicious activity.

What kind of wallet do you recommend for cryptocurrency payments?2023-02-01T15:24:15-05:00

We recommend using a hardware wallet, such as the Ledger Nano X or Trezor Model T, for cryptocurrency payments on SpartaCrypto. Hardware wallets provide the highest level of security and encryption and are the safest way to store and transact with cryptocurrencies.

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