The No.1 Classic SE

The No.1 Classic SE

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Combining yesterday’s style with modern-day engineering, The No.1 Scrambler SEL promises an effortless and silently smooth performance, built around safety, character, and comfort. Paying homage to the 1960’s, The No.1 Scrambler SEL brings vintage characteristics from the past to today’s roads but without compromising execution, thanks to our innovative tech designed to enhance every journey the rider takes.

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An ode to classic design – from the days when machines were built to last. Hand-built electric classic motorcycles, without taking shortcuts or compromising on the good stuff. Premium components, groundbreaking tech and hand-crafted details add up to an exclusive, state-of-the-art e-Motorcycle. Customize your Classic SE.

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The No.1 Classic SE offers you a silent ride out, like a round trip around Lake Como.

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