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Red Fox Powersports is a manufacture direct supply retailer that base in USA for all sales and service related. We have many advantages over our competitor which led us to the top tier when it came to all import On Road and Off-Road vehicles and parts. At Red Fox Powersports we treat every one of our clients like a family member!

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The 250cc PRO-Hawk is exclusive on Red Fox Powersports with FULLY ASSEMBLED PACKAGE. The 250cc PRO-Hawk comes with everything assembled except some minor things to install such as battery and rear-view mirror. While other (HAWK) that your get from different seller will require many parts to be install, it will save many hours and hassle.


Feisty 223cc, air-cooled engine puts out strong, predictable power with incredible gas mileage.
Air cooling system keeps engine temperatures reliably under control, even while idling at stoplights–for maximum efficiency and longer engine life.
Easy, dependable electric starting make starting a breeze.
5-speed Manual Transmission Pro biker’s choise!
Front and Rear disc brake supply strong, reliable stopping power.
110/70-17″ front and rear tires offer great traction.
Wide, thickly padded seat ensures incomparable rider and passenger comfort and style.
Large headlight maximizes nighttime visibility and electroplated headlight housing enhances styling.
Bright multireflector taillight for great visibility.
Easy-to-read instrument panel features turn signal and high beam indicator lights.
Front and rear side reflectors help maximize conspicuity in city traffic.
Unique designed Double Muffler Reducing noise and exhaust resistance, increasing power.

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