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As the leading North American supplier of 110cc Super Pocket bikes, we pride ourselves in providing the best products, price, service and delivery; all while allowing our customers to make an informed purchasing decision. Venom Motorsports’ commitment in delivering a safe, affordable, and high quality line of products is unparalleled. Our priority is ensuring that our customers receive the most reliable units at the lowest possible price. Our brand is nationally recognized for it’s reputation in excellence in both product quality and customer service. Our knowledgeable staff is enthusiastic, helpful, courteous, and centred on being easily accessible. Customer satisfaction is our #1 concern. We are continuously developing our product line to bring our customers the latest in pocket bike innovations. 2481 Kaladar Ave, Unit 103, Ottawa, ON K1V8B9 Canada

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No Motorcycle license required! Thats right, you don’t need any special motorcycle license to ride our 50cc x21 around town in most states. Just put on your helmet and go! Our Honda based 50cc x21 is a Super Pocket bike / Mid-size Motorcycle that has a top speed of 30-40mph. Featuring a fully automatic transmission it makes the x21 very easy to ride and will do 105-115mpg depending on how you drive it. The gas tank will hold 2 gallons which means you can get up to 210 miles on a single fill up! Makes a great in city bike to cruise around town and take to work. It comes equipped with our Venom exclusive digital speedometer that features your speed, millage, time, and RPM.


The frame on this 50cc motorcycle is very well designed with a Ducati Monster clone style to it. The gas tank also has a beautiful carbon fibre trim around it. The seat is well cushioned with leather stitching that make it very comfortable and stylish! Push button start will it going, and you also have a backup kick start available to use as well. We have also included an alternator in the bike that will charge the battery as you ride. Our 50cc Super Pocket Bike make a great starter bike or for teenagers / adults that are looking for a cheap alternative to get around town with style. Having the direct chain less GY6 engine at the back of the bike, weight of the forks and tires at the front, and the rider in the middle this bike is very well balanced and handles phenomenally. Even light weight riders will be able to balance the bike at a full stop light and be able to handle it with ease.

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