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Values Be a good butterfly. If a butterfly can cause a hurricane thousands of miles away, so can you. Make it a good one. Run the edges. Edgerunners are those courageous people who by strength of will and nobility of spirit make life better for humanity. In this way of being, at times you will feel alone. We must reimagine the status quo and live for something bigger than ourselves. Be ready for anything. Open minds and hungry hearts—with a willingness to try new things, take risks, and fail forward—prepare us for everyday adventure. Commit to grow, master your uncertainty, sharpen your skills, and boldly forge your future. Be moved. When we fully engage with the moment, embrace our purpose, and are moved in body and spirit, we generate vicarious joy. This is our invitation to openly share your emotion, inspiration, meaning, and beauty: fuel your fire and lead the way with your light. We ride together. We share a vision of the bicycle as a powerful change agent—humble and inclusive yet revolutionary—and bikes that haul give people even more utility and personal freedom. That’s the whole point: we edgerunners ride together, and our bikes serve, transport, and transform us all. If the life we live is the legacy we leave, let’s ride!

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Tough 24″ wheels

24″ wheels are the sweet spot between structural strength, all-terrain rollability, and a stable, low center of gravity. Simply put, it’s the all-rounder for carrying cargo & kids.

Rigid Chromoly frame

A strong, traditional frame design combined with 4130 Chromoly steel tubing makes this the perfect companion for off-road adventures or pot-holed streets.

Off-road cargo

Bikepacking? Bike Camping? The trail ride home? Check, Check, and check. The Stoker is designed to carry a ton, on just about any terrain.

Built for you

Add to cart and use the Bike Builder to design your ride just the way you want it. Select the Everyday Rider bundle and get everything you need to be ready for anything.

Details Matter

From components to accessories to electric drive system, we make sure everything is hand-selected to give you the best riding experience for you and your passengers.

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Stoker Electric Cargo Bike

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