2009 Porsche 997 Twin Turbo


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The 2009 Porsche 997 Twin Turbo we have at Skyway Classics is a great sports car that has exceptional handling, slick-shifting optional 6-speed transmission, rewarding and efficient engine, beautifully crafted interior, and a gorgeous original paint job, and tire and wheel package from the factory, but ours has had over $45k of performance and appearance items to make it into the Porsche we have today with a TechArt redo.

TechArt is a company well known to you Porsche collectors and you know they work with Porsches and adds proven parts to increase the cars impressive performance capabilities.

This vehicle that is modified by TechArt is built into a car that can be considered one of the world’s top performing sports cars and only has a little over 30k miles.

These 2009’s are considered to be the last of the “mechanical” Porsches as they have the manual transmission and mechanical throttles as well as the engine being considered one of the finest ever made as it is the last of the Hans Mezger turbo water-cooled engines… These engines were used in the 935/917 race cars and are all air-cooled engines.

An ample increase in performance is guaranteed thanks to the twin turbo chargers, large carbon fiber air box, a sports exhaust system, balanced downforce on the front and back with the spoiler system, that all guarantee excellent driving performance at high speeds and ensure extra driving stability and safety.

This Porsche remains a purpose-built sports car that’s designed to go fast and provide optimum feedback while demanding the driver’s undivided attention and that is why it has the rare 6-speed manual transmission in it. It rewards skilled pilots with an unparalleled thrill ride and an unrivaled exhaust note.

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