Today on Sparta Crypto, we are excited to announce that electric bikes are available for buyers and sellers!

With our Concierge Services, an affordable E-bike can be sent, and we will hold your payment guaranteed until it arrives! With the world embracing cryptocurrency as an everyday method of payment, Sparta Crypto gives buyers the opportunity to purchase an E-bike that will help them reduce air pollution, emit less greenhouse gases, and produce little waste!

We currently accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Ethereum, and Litecoin for Electric Bikes.

This can very well begin an electrifying revolution within the crypto industry, as we offer many e-bikes from many manufacturers. Some of these manufacturers include Propella, Rad Power Bikes, Trek Bikes, Tern Bicycles, Canyon, Xtracycle, LeMond, and more! After making your selection in our Electric Bikes category, Sparta Crypto’s Concierge Services will give your e-bike the proper inspection and set up the shipping costs accordingly. From there, we will sign, seal, and deliver your new bike straight to your address!

With low transactional risk, Sparta Crypto supports the need for environmentally friendly options that will ride through neighborhoods in a shocking fashion. As buyers and sellers get to embrace their passion for e-bikes, the crypto industry gets to embrace its own capabilities further as a digital economy phenomenon. With this in mind, browse your way through our marketplace as we hope to serve you with the most electrifying bikes that crypto can buy. Lightning-fast speeds, long-lasting batteries, and cool designs that will stand out in with the environment that we hope to sustain! As always, if you have any questions, you can contact us at for more information.