SpartaCrypto Launches Luxury Cryptocurrency Marketplace to Evolve a Billion-Dollar Industry

Calling all Retail Sellers for Cars, Classic Cars, Motorcycles, Electric Vehicles, Vacation Packages and High-End Watches

New York, NY – January  2023 – Access an untapped market of buyers while your business gets paid in USD. SpartaCrypto, a first-mover in aggregating sellers that allow buyers to pay with cryptocurrency on one convenient e-commerce marketplace, SpartaCrypto  officially announces its launch as a pioneer in the cryptocurrency marketplace. SpartaCrypto is a true trailblazer in the world of crypto, making a bold name for itself as the first cryptocurrency market service that can fully handle the scale and velocity of transactions that this exciting crypto marketplace will need. Sellers can now access cryptocurrency buyers risk-free while SpartaCrypto handles the transaction securely and funds its sellers in USD. Industry experts and statistical trends agree that cryptocurrency adoption by mainstream consumers is on the rise. SpartaCrypto plans to become the ultimate mover and shaker in the world of crypto as the most extensive online crypto marketplace selling luxury items such as cars; classic cars; motorcycles; electric vehicles including bikes, cars, and motorcycles; vacation packages, and high-end watches initially, and in short order will add sports memorabilia, real estate, boats, charters fractional aviation owners, and RV/RV Rentals. SpartaCrypto will initially accept some of the most popular cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, USDT, and USDC – but has every capacity and intention to add other cryptocurrencies as they gain widespread adoption or grow in market cap size.

SpartaCrypto is now accepting authorized businesses that sell cars, classic cars, motorcycles, electric vehicles, vacation packages, and high-end watches and is offering free inventory uploads for a limited time. The marketplace is only accepting inventory from businesses and not individuals. This is the perfect opportunity for sellers to access the untapped market of users with cryptocurrency since cryptocurrency currently can’t be used in many retail or e-commerce instances. When it is, the seller is often open to market volatility risks, tax accounting complications, additional regulations, and additional payment infrastructure costs required to process cryptocurrency payments. With SpartaCrypto, sellers can now get their inventory in front of this untapped market by listing their inventory on a site that attracts those crypto users to one place. The benefits are many: Sellers get funded in USD; sellers don’t have to be familiar with cryptocurrency or its regulations or infrastructure to sell to the growing market of cryptocurrency users; There is no risk to the seller of market volatility because SpartaCrypto is immediately converting the cryptocurrency into USD.  Additionally, SpartaCrypto is handling the security for sellers. With SpartaCrypto, sellers don’t have to worry about accepting funds from unknown buyers, as SpartaCrypto runs industry standard compliance screenings and watchlist checks on all buyers before transactions occur.

Interest in digital currency is growing faster than ever. SpartaCrypto knows that now is the time to invest in the future of cryptocurrency, and that starts with taking advantage of the inevitable dynamic duo bound to form around cryptocurrency and e-commerce.

For years, cryptocurrency has been gaining ground in the world of fintech. In the past year, the popularity of crypto has increased dramatically as investment in cryptocurrencies become more mainstream. A report from reported that the number of global crypto users surpassed 300 million users worldwide in 2022.

Encouraging all users to buy and sell with confidence and safety, SpartaCrypto uses a secure process to mitigate counterparty risk and protect both buyer and seller. SpartaCrypto further ensures that no party in any transaction is at risk of market volatility, ensuring that all payments are immediately and automatically converted from cryptocurrency to USD and funded to the seller. SpartaCrypto recognizes the broad market appeal of cryptocurrency and has the ability to process cryptocurrency payments from around the world, provided the buyer does not live in a sanctioned country and passes all screenings.

“We are tremendously excited about the launch of this cryptocurrency e-commerce marketplace that will evolve the way people shop for luxury goods,” says Anthony Havens, CEO of SpartaCrypto. “Sellers can now join SpartaCrypto to sell their high-end goods to this untapped market, and we expect to add more categories and products as the site gains momentum,” adds Havens.

Similarly, SpartaCrypto acknowledges the incomparable benefits of cryptocurrency in terms of cost, speed, and security– no high transaction fees, instantly processed transactions and a decentralized ledger system that makes it impossible to reverse or cancel a transaction once made, thus promising merchants much greater protection against fraud or theft.

SpartaCrypto will be a unique destination in the cryptocurrency marketplace that will empower businesses to sell with absolute confidence, by taking advantage of all the inherent benefits of facilitating cryptocurrency transactions.

SpartaCrypto also offers a standalone cryptocurrency payment gateway, SpartaPayIQ at, that allows businesses to accept cryptocurrency on their own site while also getting funded in USD. SpartaPayIQ offers all of the great benefits of SpartaCrypto and allows businesses to capture crypto users that visit their businesses outside of the marketplace.

About SpartaCrypto

SpartaCrypto provides cryptocurrency based products services including its e-commerce marketplace, a cryptocurrency payment gateway, and cross-border payment solutions for the import export industry through its subsidiary Agoge Global USA.