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ZELOS : INNOVATIVE WATCHMAKING THAT DARES At Zelos, we draw inspiration from the rarest places. From miles beneath the sea, or above the clouds. From prized ancient materials and modern alloys. Or sometimes, even from outer space. Zelos was founded in 2014 by Elshan Tang, born of a lifelong passion and a desire to create inspired timepieces. Named after the Greek deity of zeal and passion, that aptly reflected the ethos of the brand. To create distinctive timepieces that each told a story, with unique materials and an inimitable design language. That always delivered a premium experience, and a lasting value far beyond the price tag. Today, Zelos continues the tradition of creating signature watches. Masterfully designed by Elshan in Singapore and sold the world over. Since our founding, we’ve been celebrated by critics and watch enthusiasts alike for our original styles and remarkable value. Our commitment though stays the same – to keep innovating, and to always boldly redefine the conventions of watchmaking. For any inquiries, feel free to contact hello@zeloswatches.com Visit Us online at: zeloswatches.com

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Right from Zelos!

The Eagle offers a technically groundbreaking case inspired by modern fighter jets. The case consists of 2 major components to create a visually complex timepiece. The central case is finely machined with grooves akin to a jet engine. It also holds the movement and dial, providing crucial water resistance (200M).

An outer case is then attached. It is designed with aerodynamic angles when viewed head on, yet with vast cutouts on the sides. These cutouts represent the weight savings and structural requirements of modern high-performance aircraft. A varying mix of sandblasted and brushed textures increases its complexity.

Finally, a matching crown is modeled after the grooves of an engine nozzle. The high double domed crystal is also an important aspect of the Eagle. Fighter jets require excellent visibility through the use of a bubble cockpit and we wanted to simulate that effect with a highly domed crystal. AR coating is used to reduce reflections normally encountered with such crystals.

The “engine” of the Eagle is the tried and tested Miyota 9015. A turbine backplate partially covers the movement to offer a tantalizing peek into its workings. Each and every watch will be engraved with its serial number as well.

Such a modern design had to have equally high performing specs. It is designed to survive depths of up to 200 meters, even without being designed as a diver’s timepiece. DLC coating provides a durable shield against wear.


Case: 42mm 316L Stainless steel DLC Coated, 16mm thickness

Movement: Miyota 9015

Crystal: 4mm thick double domed Sapphire. AR coated.

Water Resistance: 200M

Engraved logo on crown and buckle

Sandwich dial: top layer matte sandblast, lower layer circular brushed.

Packaging: Aluminum display case, Canvas strap, Brown Vintage leather strap, Steel Warranty card

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