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We’re obsessed with cities And so are our bikes. Truly city-proof, they shrink long commutes, scare off bike thieves, and amplify your pedal power. No wonder cities around the world are scrambling to build more bike lanes. We ride outside the box What happens when you combine custom parts with the latest tech? Revolutionary stuff. Our integrated theft defense systems are kicking thieves out of business. And our flagship bikes have shattered all stereotypes of how an e-bike should look, feel, and ride. We don’t do disposable Fast food, fast fashion? VanMoof bikes are a different kind of fast... and they're built to last a lifetime. We're fighting the disposable economy by making our bikes tougher and smarter, to keep them on the road longer. We’ve got your back When you buy a VanMoof, it comes with a pit crew of industry experts. Our handy Bike Doctors keep you and your bike riding happy. Our support team answer questions day and night. And our ruthless Bike Hunters will track stolen bikes all the way to Casablanca. We’re unstoppable We were born in Amsterdam, but now VanMoof riders zip their way through Berlin, London, Paris, San Francisco, Seattle, Taipei, Tokyo, and an exploding number of cities around the world. Maybe you've spotted them? They're the ones getting from A-to-B a little faster, happier, and smarter. Website

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Revolution, built in. All new, all electric.

Introducing the next generation

Packed with the latest VanMoof technology, our brand new e-bikes set the standard for riders worldwide

Revolutionary riding made easy

Throw away the manual, the Halo Ring Interface has got you covered. LED light rings on your handlebars communicate all the information you need clearly within your eye-line, so your focus is never off the road ahead.

All new everything

We’ve engineered every last detail of our city e-bikes to give you a ride like no other. Every decision we’ve made along the way – from the first bolt to the last lick of paint – has been made to take electric riding to the next level.

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