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BeeCool Bikes was born in the calling of a group of cycling enthusiasts. Their strong desire for better cycling experience gets them, a group of cyclists of different ages, from different industries or backgrounds together. The shared passion among them for cycling made BeeCool Bikes gradually take shape. 1001 Doubleday Ave, Ontario, CA 91761

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Find The Path of the Bee!

From the outside in, Bee Pathfinder is well designed to boost the comfort with an adjustable hydraulic front fork and seat suspension and better aesthetic design with Crater-Free welding technology leaving no welding scars on the frames of the bike, making your bike eye-catching on the streets. Moreover, we’ve equipped it with 180mm hydraulic disc brakes and 26” X4” fat tires for greater stopping power and all terrains, an easily removable built-in battery, and an intuitive user interface with a colored LCD screen that makes operating your bike a breeze. Inside it, it has a strong heart, a 48V 20Ah Lithium-ion Battery, which gives the bike a long range from 50 miles to 82 miles.

Intelligent Motor

The high-speed continuous 750W (peaking to 1100W) brushless geared hub motor with 80 Nm of max torque, which gives you a maximum power and be unstoppable on bad terrains. We’d love to let you feel the passion and enjoy the pleasure of cycling!

Hydraulic Brakes

Our e-bikes are equipped with dual 180mm hydraulic disc brakes, which give you maximum stopping power. With hydraulic disc brakes, the actuation moves both pads towards the rotor at the same time and with even pressure. The most important advantage of hydraulic disc brakes is that they automatically self-adjust as they wear down.

Large Capacity Battery

48V 30Ah Lithium-ion battery gives you super longer range. You are able to travel over 110 miles on a charge using pedal-assist mode and 80 miles on throttle power mode. We want to make everyone enjoy the ride longer!

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