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Kollter USA

Kollter USA

The Road, Your Ride, Electrified Kollter is an innovative technology company driven by the latest industrial design and cutting-edge technology. Focusing on smart travel, Kollter is committed to creating revolutionary and efficient solutions for your next urban voyage. The Future is Electric With no vibrations, no shifting, and no emissions, our motorcycles are designed to make your daily ride or next adventure seamless, pure, and just plain fun. Website

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Weight/ Dimensions/ Battery / Motor / Range

Curb Weight: 250 lbs.
Maximum Load Capacity: 375 lbs.
Wheel Base: 58”
Seat Height: 31.5”
Foot Rest Height: 15”
Ground Clearance: 12.6”
Drivetrain: Chain
Motor: 11kW Peak Power with Speeds up to 60+ mph
Battery: Samsung Lithium Ion 72V, 31.5 Ah.

Charge Time: 4 hour charging at 120V, 2 hour charging at 240V,
2 batteries included, deliver 50-100 Mile Range; average 60 miles

Battery Weight: 29lbs (each)

Note: All driving ranges are dependent on rider weight, speed & acceleration.

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